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[ jEdit-devel ] making jedit accessible using JAB (Java Access Bridge)

Hi all

I was trying to make jedit accessible for a screen reader, nvda. In
general it's said to be possible through JAB (Java Access Bridge) and I
was trying to use it.

As Jedit text area is a custom JComponent (not JTextArea for example)it
requires additional code to make it accessible. I produced 2 pages of
code that gave me initial success. Screen reader was capable of reading
the contents of the text area. Still I had to dtop this idea. The reason
to claim failure was noticing strange artifacts on another custom
components of jedit: sidekick list, buffer switcher, hypersearch
results. These controls showed malformed data after switching on any
application trying to use the accessibility feature. Could it be nvda or
Java Monkey or Java Ferret. I suspect general problems in JAB
architecture, but I was unable to confirm that. Notice a strange thing:
java question at stackoverflow gets no answers!

I was doing my attempts on jedit r22410 (5.0) and I attach my code here.
It is intended for someone who would like to go this way. Maybe in the

I am half way in switching to emacs, so probably this is my last post to
this group. I will possibly be engaging in projects connected with
screen readers, like orca, nvda, espeak, emacspeak and who knows what
else :)


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