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[plugin-feature-requests:#382] Console/Errorlist: Extra lines regexp

Status: open
Created: Sun Feb 12, 2017 10:58 AM UTC by Axel
Last Updated: Sun Feb 12, 2017 10:58 AM UTC
Owner: nobody

Feature request:

1.) Make "Extra lines regexp" create "Filename", "Line number" and "Error message" like "Error Regexp" and display this accordingly in ErrorList. Clicking on the extra line in Error List should make the cursor jump to that file and line.

2.) Warnings should be handled the same way: Warnings should allow "extra lines" (colored and listed as Warnings, not as Errors; clickable)

For me, it would be sufficient:
Using the same Extra Line Regexp for Errors and Warnings
Using the same "Filename", "Line number" and "Error message" entry for all (e.g. $1, $2, $3)

Thus, plugins options UI of Console needs no changes.

--- Details below ---

Errormessages of Ruby look like this, in the Console Window (contrived):

  D:/Test/simple_trx_ui.rb :761:in `on_run_single_test': undefined local
  <no line break here>
  variable or method `test_end' for #<SimpleTrxUi:0x2c8c54c> (NameError)
    from D:/Test/simple_trx_ui.rb :876:in `eval'
    from D:/Test/simple_trx_ui.rb :761:in `on_run_single_test'
    from D:/Test/trx/external/highline.rb:309:in `choose'
    from D:/Test/simple_trx_ui.rb :918:in `new'
    from D:/Test/simple_trx_ui.rb :918
  Process ruby exited with code 1

Warningmessages are the same, despite "NameError" is replaced by "...Warning". The "from"-lines of Warnings are exactly the same es of Errors.

Up to now, as a work around, I handle warning-messages as error-messages and each line as a separate error. But with a lot of lines with error- and warning-messages it becomes very bulky and I would like to separate Warnings from Errors.

I'm using:

* Windows 8.1
* jEdit 5.3pre1
* Java 1.8.0_91
* Console 5.1.4
* ErrorList 2.3

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