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[ jEdit-devel ] [jedit:feature-requests] #388 less obtrusive I/O Errors (eliminate modal popups)


Hi to all,

I would like to UP this ticket. Especially I agree with p.2 for HyperSearch on a subdirectory, really annoying popup. To my mind extra checkbox in Settings group like 'ignore i/o errors' would be great.



[feature-requests:#388] less obtrusive I/O Errors (eliminate modal popups)

Status: open
Group: v5.2
Created: Wed Mar 30, 2011 11:19 PM UTC by m0n0lith
Last Updated: Wed Mar 12, 2014 08:39 PM UTC
Owner: Alan Ezust

I'd like to see the elimination of modal pop-up dialogs whenever possible, perhaps favoring status bar notices and logging instead - specifically in the case of I/O errors but there might be others.

For example: "I/O Error - The following I/O operation could not be completed: C:\Program Files\jEdit\#Untitled-1#: Cannot save: java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\Program Files\jEdit\#Untitled-1# (Access is denied)". This is information that is nice to have, but not something I want to see every 30 seconds until I get around to either A) saving the file in a location I have permission to, or B) turning off the default global autosave setting. Note that I do understand why this particular message appears, and that there are several ways to remedy it - I'm just suggesting that when this *does* occur, a modal dialog isn't the way to handle it.

Another one I see a lot is "The following nn I/O operations could not be completed:" followed by a bunch of character encoding warnings when I do a HyperSearch on a subdirectory tree that has some binary files mixed in. Again this might nice-to-have info, but not something I want to be bothered with whenever I am too lazy to narrow the HyperSearch Filter down from "*" (which is nearly always).

If I am manually saving a file and an I/O error occurs, that is when I would want and expect a dialog to pop up.

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