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[ jEdit-announce ] jEdit 5.4.0 is out!

Hello everyone,

I proudly present jEdit 5.4.0, the first stable release of the 5.4 series of jEdit.

This is mostly a bugfixing and stabilizing release. Detailed changes can as always be found in the Change Log attached in the end of this email, but here are some of the major changes of this version:

    * Use of Java 1.8
    * Use of a new XML format for Plugin Manager, and proper following of redirects, resulting in a much improved plugin install experience
    * New Printing, updated for current versions of Java

Volunteers are always welcome to contribute to the future of jEdit:

That being said, here is the download link:

Have fun with the new release.

Best Regards
Björn "Vampire" Kautler

jEdit 5.4 version history
       (changes since jEdit 5.3.0)

{{{ Version 5.4.0

Thanks to Björn "Vampire" Kautler, Eric Le Lay, Jesse Pavel, Wayne Zhang,
Makarius, A Vontobel, Marc Häfner, Jordan Miner, Jack J. Woehr, Alan Ezust,
Adam S, Jean-Francois Larvoire, Wim West and Dale Anson for contributing to this

{{{ Bug Fixes

- Add NSSupportsAutomaticGraphicsSwitching to JarBundler so that jEdit does not
  drain the battery unnecessarily on OS X.
  (feature request #529 - Björn "Vampire" Kautler)

- Bug 3857 fixed, related to resolving symlinks of buffers and checking for
  updated buffers (Patch # 589 - Wim West)

- Fix bug #2732 - syntax highlighting broken if non-visible lines change
  (Patch #580 - Marc Häfner)

- Fix bug #3659 - Macro Keywords_to_Upper_Case fails to find class
  (Patch #582 - Marc Häfner)

- Fix bug #3949 - Macro Display_Shortcuts show no/wrong results
  (Patch #581 - Marc Häfner)

- Fix bug #3944: Select All checkbox initially disabled. (Alan Ezust)

- Fix bug #3983: filename completion prefered longest filename when no
  match with exact length was found. Prefer the first one (Eric Le Lay)

- Fix bug #3913: beanshell do-while loop bug (Patch #572 Jesse Pavel)

- Fix Java_File_Save macro: accept text after class name (Eric Le Lay)

- Fix bug #3936, better choice for text area corner colors (Dale Anson)

- Fix bug #3717, gutter lines not aligning with text area lines (Dale Anson)

- Fix bug #3937, issue with non-capturing groups in regex search and replace
  (Dale Anson)

- Fix bug #3924, changes to mode files are not detected when ~/.jedit/modes
  is a symlink. (Dale Anson)

- Fix bug #3920, cannot change alpha value of a color in the syntax highlighting
  settings. (Dale Anson)

- Fix bug #3943, issues with move lines up and down macros. (Dale Anson)

- Fix bug #3923, documentation bug about where auto-saved files are saved.
  (Dale Anson)

- Fix bug #3916, null pointer exception in ChunkCache. (Dale Anson)

- Add missing source and target version to compile-installer task to not
  accidentally get an installer that needs a newer Java version than jEdit
  itself does. (Björn "Vampire" Kautler)

- Use new version of JarBundler that also sets LSApplicationCategoryType and
  NSHighResolutionCapable. (Björn "Vampire" Kautler)

- Set default colors for foreground and background in syntax highlighting
  style editor. (Dale Anson)

- Fix plugin bug #1853 XML plugin crashes on JDK9. Don't pre-connect
  the returned URLConnection in jeditresource: protocol handler (Eric Le Lay)

- Fix bug #3994, ConcurrentModificationException in ProperyManager. (Dale Anson)

- Fix bug #4002, too short horizontal scrollbar after view resize. (Dale Anson)

- Fix bug #3773, InvocationTargetException with negative printing tab width.
  (Dale Anson)

- Fix bug # 2844, printing range bug. (Dale Anson)

- Delete a user mode from the catalog even if the mode file is missing
  (Eric Le Lay)

- Plugin Manager: fix missing newline between released and description for
  plugins without dependencies. Add extra newline for clarity. (Eric Le Lay)

- Fix bug # 3998, Next Char macro doesn't work. (Dale Anson)

{{{ UI Improvements

- Feature Request #520 Environment variables in Find dialog Directory
  (Alan Ezust)

- UI clean up, button spacing, borders, etc. (Dale Anson)

- Implemented feature request #493, ask for confirmation before closing all
  buffers. (Dale Anson)

- Refactor editing option pane into several tabs, allow user editing of modes
  lists, similar to editing the encoding options lists. This also fixes
  feature request #515. (Dale Anson)

- Updated NumericTextField to allow decimal numbers and only allow negative sign
  at the start of a number. (Dale Anson)

{{{ Miscellaneous

- Updated printing system with jEdit specific printer dialog, accurate page
  range printing, current page printing, printing of selected text only, ability
  to show page breaks in the text area. (Dale Anson)

- The plugin manager now uses a different URL scheme where the mirror is a URL
  parameter and not part of the hostname anymore and follows URL redirection
  properly. This way a file can always be downloaded as we get redirected to a
  mirror that has the requested file available. Now dead mirrors do not cause
  the download to fail anymore due to unknown hostname and files that are only
  available on few mirrors (seldom downloaded files are only available on one
  mirror sometimes) also work properly. The selected mirror is just the
  preferred one that is used if the file is available there, just as the label
  always suggested anyway. (Björn "Vampire" Kautler)

{{{ API Changes

- jEdit now requires/can make use of Java 1.8 language / libraries.

- new org.gjt.sp.utils.GenericGUIUtilities class, containing bits of
  org.gjt.sp.jedit.GUIUtilities suitable for the standalone TextArea
  package; all methods kept but deprecated and proxies (Eric Le Lay).

- refactor Help table of contents loading code to a separate class
  (HelpTOCLoader). Make relevant members public, so the help TOC
  is accessible to other code, e.g. the HelpServer plugin (Eric Le Lay).

{{{ Editing

- Batch mode updates (Patch #594 - Jean-Francois Larvoire)

- Unicode brackets (Patch #566 - Makarius)

- Updates for objectrexx mode (Patch #585 - Jack J. Woehr)

- Mode for m4 macro processor language (Patch #586 - Jack J. Woehr)

- Drawj2d edit mode (Patch #573 - A. Vontobel)

- Rust edit mode raw string fix (Patch #575 - Jordan Miner)

- Mode for Mavscript 2.0 (Patch #574 - A. Vontobel)

- New mode for swift (Patch #587 - Wayne Zhang)

- New mode for Java 9 module-info.java files (Dale Anson)

- Updated CSS mode provided by AdamS (Ticket #4003 - Dale Anson)



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